About Us
The Elm Auto School has been family owned and operated since 1954.  

We offer 10 day courses or accelerated 5 day courses
5 year insurance rate reduction
Rental car for road tests
Professional patient instructors
Special attention to elderly and nervous drivers
Pick up at home or school 

We also offer driving lessons for drivers over 18.
Rates are as follows:
        $70..00 per 45 minute lesson

we offer private tutoring for the Learners permit test this is $60.00 for an hour.

Road test fees: 
$60.00  for full course students
$80.00 for non-students 
For this fee, we will provide the location (Elm Auto School), Sponsor, Vehicle, and the $20 off-site RMV fee. 

We also offer the Driver Attitudinal Retraining Course: "Drive to Survive". $125


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