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This policy pertains to on-road instruction.
(this includes no show, unprepared, and calling past the dead line. EX: no permit, no glasses)
Student must notify us by 9:00 the night before your lesson or student could incur a $30 Missed Appt. Fee

Road test car rental fee: $50
This is an OPTIONAL fee:
1. Elm auto will make License Appointment
2. Pick student up at school/home/Elm Auto. 
3. Give warm up lesson 
4. Sponsor student
5. Bring student back to school/home/Elm Auto

The following are RMV fees in which you are resposnsible for;
Learner's Permit:   $30 (we provide transportation)
License:                 $50 
Lic appt;                 $35

Drivers Ed. Cert: $20 ($15 + $5) (you pay us and we send a check to the RMV)
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